In the works!

I’m on a programming high. I started programming today at around noon and I’m still going and it’s already 10pm. What I mostly worked on today is a barebones script… kind of like one you would find on Drupal, except I have to program everything by myself.

I should really start to learn how to use these other CMS’s one of these days to save myself a lot of time because so much time is wasted programming things over and over again. I actually created a library of functions several thousand lines long to help me with my programming. Maybe I’ll post up some of my libraries on here to see if anyone cares about them.

Anyway, in addition to the barebones, I’ve started working on a Guam Arts Calendar site. I’m hoping it will help raise awareness of the Fine Arts on Guam and most of all make it so that people can schedule their events without having to worry about overlapping.

That’s all for now!


So I’ve been a little lazy on the Wii Fit for the past couple days because my body’s been sore. Been keeping up with my Body Test though and my weight has been climbing up very slowly these past couple days.

The thing that bothers me the most… I can’t do the 20 rep pushup anymore. I do about 12 then I’m out. I continue up to 18 while pushing-up on my knees, and then I do last the 2 regularly. I thought taking a break would help but noo..

Anyway, I haven’t had a good full-hour workout since I started programming a lot. ┬áMust lose weight… My goal is 120.

Trip Around The Island

So I went around the island with Rhea, Andrew, Rodrigo, and Austin. It was pretty fun and I didn’t go around in a really long time. We stopped about 3 places for sight seeing.

It’s a shame to see so little upkeep of Guam’s sites. Even Saipan’s sites are more beautiful to see than our insect-ridden, graffitied, piss-smelling sites. Anyway, that’s what little Island Pride I have in me coming out, but seriously, wtf.

Anyway it was fun mostly cuz I didn’t have to drive :D Andrew drove the whole time. Scared the crap out of us for the most part because he tends to swerve off his lane once in a while. But I came back in one piece. Yayz.

Okay nothing new to report. Bai.

Guam College Books

Just finished Guam College Books site (thanks team DRT wuwu)! I’m still making a lot of changes but overall it’s functional and it’s been so much fun getting this thing off the ground. Here’s the URL:

I also finished up the DRT website… at least a placeholder. You can check it out here:

I’m going to play around with WordPress a lot more. It seems to be a really CMS. Plus I’m using it to create Senator B.J. Cruz’s website so I need all the help I can get to get this thing to work lulz :P

Working Out

So I bought Wii Fit on June 30, 2009 and have been using it pretty much every day except when I went to Japan on July 18. So far I’ve lost about 5 pounds (bringing my BMI down to a Normal 24.85 from Overweight 25.2) and I feel really good.

I’ve also increased my Reps in a lot of the STR exercises and I feel my body getting a lot stronger. Just a couple days ago, I completed my very first 20 rep push-up/side-plank. My form was probably pretty bad. I plan to bring my reps down on most of the exercises to start working on my form.

Here’s my workout order now:

– Body Test
– Yoga: Half moon, Tree, Sun Salutation, Dance
– Aerobics: Island Lap
– Str Exercises: Single-leg Extension (20), Push-up (20), Jackknife (30), Lunges (15), Plank (30)
– Aerobics: Island Lap

I can do a 90sec Plank but my form really sucks. I can’t do a 20 rep push-up anymore, so after about 14 or 15, I drop my knees. Anyway, I’m gonna post as I lose more weight. Wii Fit yay!

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