About Me

Doug Chan (July 6, 1983 – ) is a musician and a software developer.  He graduated from George Washington High School (Class of 2001) in Guam and from the University of Guam (Class of 2008) with a degree in Fine Arts: Music with a concentration in performance with alto sax.

He began playing piano at age 4.  He then picked up the Alto Saxophone in 6th grade at Untalan Middle School under the direction of Michael DiAmore.  After two years of playing saxophone, he joined the Guam Territorial Band in 8th grade and went on several trips with them, including going to Hawaii in 1999 and 2000, and Australia in 2005.  He played his UOG senior recital on April 2008 under the direction of Dr. Randall Johnson.

Not having any serious interest in piano, he stopped playing at age 18.   However, he picked it up again at age 23 under the direction of Dr. Stephen Bednarzyk at the University of Guam. After several semesters of instruction, he performed several pieces including Chopin’s Polonaise in C# minor and Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata (3rd Movement).

He recently relocated to Boston after living in Guam for most of his life. He currently attends Boston University, working towards his M.M. in Music Education, and is looking at what the next big chapter in his life holds.

Current Occupations

Place Description Dates
iFactory (Boston) Developer 2016 – Current
Boston University M.M. in Music Education 2016 – Current
Self-employed Music Lessons Instructor (All Winds + Piano) 2005 – Current
Gecko Labs, LLC Partner, Developer 2011 – Current


Past Occupations

Place Description Dates
World Bridal Guam Pianist 2008 – 2016
Marca Museca Recording Studio Owner / Producer / Sound Engineer 2005 – 2016