Adele – Can I Get It (CORRECT guitar chord voicing)

I tried learning this on the guitar from the top Google searches on different guitar chord sites, and not only is it really hard to play with the chord voicings they provide, it also doesn’t sound right either.

Here’s what they give (incorrect “standard” chord voicings which don’t sound like the recording):

Am x02210
G  320003 (or 320033) Β«--- I don't think either of these are correct
Dm xx0231 Β«--- This is incorrect

If you listen carefully, there’s a slide in the root note between G and Dm which leads me to believe that Dm is actually played in an alternate voicing (on the 5th string).

Try this out. It fits better in the hand too:

Am x02210 Β«--- Same as original
G  3200xx Β«--- I don't hear any high strings in the recording, so mute them
Dm x5776x Β«--- Your index finger on the A string will glide up nicely from the 2nd to the 5th fret.

And then for the chorus, It’s all chords on the first string since it’s easier to get that muted sound with your left index finger

F  1332xx
Am 5775xx
G  3554xx

Hope this saves you all some time and pain from trying to learn it the wrong way (which also doesn’t sound anything like the recording).

I miss my old mancave

  • Left 3 screens: iMac 27″ retina (1st gen!) for coding
  • Middle 2 screens: Windows gaming, streaming, and video editing
  • Middle CRT: Hooked up to SNES for Super Metroid speedruns
  • Right two screens: Mac mini DAW

I forget when this picture was taken, but it has to have been around 2014-2015. One day, I will have enough space to make a new mancave πŸ˜€

Studio One 5, Melodyne 5, and M1

If you have an M1 Mac and have tried using Melodyne with Studio One, chances are you probably ran into this screen:

I was stuck on this because apparently I wasn’t searching for the right thing. There are plenty of articles about Studio One not being able to find Melodyne installations, but I wasn’t looking for articles related directly to M1.

Anyway, long story short, running Studio One on native Apple Silicon makes it so that it can’t detect VST plugins that need Rosetta (like Melodyne).

The fix is to run Studio One in Rosetta:

WordPress, New Server, and “Unable to create directory”

I recently had to move my blog from WebFaction (who was bought out by GoDaddy and then eventually shut down their services) to Digital Ocean.

I couldn’t upload files for the longest time and kept messing with file permissions as recommended from all the different Google searches I did. And nothing was working.

Turns out, my server was configured properly, but I forgot to change the Store uploads in this folder value via WordPress dashboard when I switched webservers at /wp-admin/options-media.php.

Change this value to the server’s new value!!

Hopefully this helps someone else.