I actually miss Cinderella. It was a pretty well done show with a lot of talented actors and singers. It also made me discover the Disney Teleplay that I didn’t know about with Brandy and Whitney Houston etc etc. I’ve been watching it a lot and I really like the music. Of course, the music will be stuck in my head for the next month or so, hearing it so many times throughout the week, as is normal for any other production I am a part of.

Pinched Nerve

So it turns out I have a pinched nerve. At least it’s not carpal tunnel, I guess. So I read that Yoga *may* help relieve a pinched nerve, so I started Wii Fit’ing again along with doing my normal arm stretching exercises. I’ve been keeping up with that for the past couple days, and things seem to be getting better, so I’m really gonna cross my fingers on this one.

I got referred to see a neurologist. It’s gonna cost me $300 to get a consultation! Not to mention I might have to do a testing (x rays and such). I was thinking about seeing a Chiropractor in the meantime because I’m starting to feel some pains spread toward my neck.. eh :/

Week Recap

Hell week is finally over! Last week I had to rehearse for Cinderella Mon/Tue/Wed night. Thurs/Fri/Sat night were shows. On top of that, I had morning matinee shows on Thurs/Fri, and I had a pretty busy wedding & lesson schedule. So glad that’s finally over.

I went to Von’s Chicken last night for the first time. People were saying it’s better than Pochon. I was quite the skeptic, but let me tell you, it’s pretty damn close. The only problem I had was that the chicken wasn’t spicy, but it was definitely more tasty and more juicy. Pochon is pretty dry. Either way, great experience.

So Alan’s leaving tomorrow to go back to the states. He’ll be back before Christmas, though, and he will be moving here for a couple years :D I think that will be pretty fun. He’s having a baby with Marissa pretty soon, so it will be pretty fun to see how things change around here.

Alan bought me a couple early Christmas presents: Just Dance 2 and Rock Band 3 with the keyboard :D It’s pretty fun, but almost impossible to keep track of all the different colors. I’d do way better with actual written notation, but maybe I’ll take some time to mess around with it to see if I can sight read.

I finally see the Doctor tomorrow for my arm problem. I hope it’s nothing too serious. I waited really long to get this checked, so I hope it didn’t escalate. Will post an update about that ^^

Power Outage and Cinderella

So last night, the power went out during the final dress rehearsal so there was no final dress rehearsal. That was kind of interesting since the previous rehearsal was still pretty choppy and we hadn’t even played the final bows music.

This morning was the first show though, and most people were calling it the actual last dress rehearsal. It actually went a lot better than expected. The fact that there were a bunch of kids there watching really helped the energy (except for the parts where they were bored and kept squeaking their theater chairs).

So, at least now, I just have to wait for 9 more shows to go, as it is every time there’s a GATE theater show. K go!

Starcraft II

So I haven’t really blogged much lately so I’m just catching up. I was playing SC2 heavily in the beta and now I’m playing quite a bit since release. I was playing Random on my account ([email protected]), but I had bought Rhea a copy too. I wanted to choose a main race, so I chose zerg and started playing on Rhea’s account (she’s named Squishy, aww!). I’ve been doing pretty well with Zerg (1700~ diamond), but sometimes I go back to Coufu just for fun with the other races and still manage to maintain a decent rating (1200~ diamond).

You can check out the standings of Guam’s players over here:

GATE Theatre presents Cinerella

So check out Cinderella. It’s going on this weekend and next weekend (Thu-Fri-Sat) starting at 7:30pm. Not sure how much tickets are, but I’ve been in dress rehearsals the past couple days, and things are going pretty well! You should definitely check it out and support local arts!

I’m playing Oboe, so if you show up, say hi to me. I’ll be in the pit :)

One of those days…

So it’s one of those days you don’t really feel like doing anything. Β I finally have a light wedding schedule this month after a few months of being crazy. My jury duty term is finally over. There are so many things I could be doing right now:

  • Laddering Starcraft II
  • Working on my “secret web project”
  • Working out (something I haven’t done in a long long time!)
  • Recording YouTube vid.

But there are a few things bogging me down. I woke up today at noon. I been trying to get up since like 9am or 10am but kept snoozing because I had a massive headache. The other thing is, I have this stupid shooting tingling sensation going down my right arm. I haven’t had time to get it checked by a doctor because of my really busy wedding schedule last month, but I finally get to see the doctor next week and I hope they can help me!!

I have so many things to do. I finally have a day off from weddings today so I can do other things, but I just wanna be lazy today. Haha well, who knows what I’ll end up doing… meh.