[PB] Super Metroid any% in 1:10:11

250px-SmetroidboxWelp, I finally did it. Dedicated to Tim Fox Dominguez who has been nagging me to play this game for the longest time. It’s been out since I was a wee lad, but I haven’t gotten around to playing it at all until this year.

Let me tell you, it is a great game. It’s very well made, the soundtrack is awesome, and there is a lot of thought and depth put into the overall design of the game, aesthetically and gameplay-wise (is that a word?).

Anyway, I finally finished a complete deathless, saveless run of it after months of on-and-off practicing.

Check out the vod here:Β http://www.twitch.tv/coufu/c/5395632

2v2 Awesomeness with TimFox

Starcraft 2 – Played a bunch of 2v2s tonight with Tim. We played 6 games and won all of them. Yeah!

Also, there’s a new test server which is so fun to play on. I did my placement matches then placed silver. Then I played two more games and lost both hahah. I guess all the high level players want to see what it’s all about so I played some pro people. Pretty crazy. All in all, had a very fun time.

GSL Season 3

I’ve been watching live Starcraft 2 tournaments in Korea. A lot. I guess the problem is right now that I can’t play too much right now, so I just end up watching. Even more of a problem though: whereas I would only play a game or two a day, now I have to watch like, 10 matches a day. It’s crazy. It’s way more exciting watch other players duke it out though to see who gets to be the best.

For example, yesterday, one of the biggest Starcraft 1 legends, JulyZerg, was beaten in the round of 16, which was very sad because he had been performing so well. On a more positive note, though, a foreigner, LiquidJinro, made it into the round of 8. This is huge because a foreigner has never made it this far into a Korean tournament. Very exciting indeed…

I’ve only watched the finals of GSL1 and GSL2, but I’ve been keeping pu with this season’s GSL ever since the RO64, so it’s really exciting to see players go down and occasional exciting matches that I would have missed otherwise. Very very exciting stuff. This makes me want to get a HTPC for my TV so I can watch these matches on the big screen… hehe :D

Starcraft II

So I haven’t really blogged much lately so I’m just catching up. I was playing SC2 heavily in the beta and now I’m playing quite a bit since release. I was playing Random on my account ([email protected]), but I had bought Rhea a copy too. I wanted to choose a main race, so I chose zerg and started playing on Rhea’s account (she’s named Squishy, aww!). I’ve been doing pretty well with Zerg (1700~ diamond), but sometimes I go back to Coufu just for fun with the other races and still manage to maintain a decent rating (1200~ diamond).

You can check out the standings of Guam’s players over here:


Gaming Nostalgia

I just bought Final Fantasy VII on PSN yesterday (I know, I know it’ s been out for a long time). LOTS of nostalgia for me… the gameplay, the music, the graphics, everything.

The graphics, though… leave a lot to be desired. I don’t remember the graphics being this pixelated! It could just be the fact that I’m playing it on an HDTV (which I imagine lots of people are if they bought this off PSN). I think older games look better on the CRT screens though, because the edges don’t look as sharp.

Anyway, it’s still an awesome game. It’s hard to believe how far games have come. I mean, I played through FF8 just late last year and the graphics for that wasn’t even as bad. Ah well, I don’t mean to be a graphics whore though, because all the newer games (or at least 95% of them) concentrate so much on graphics that the gameplay sucks so much.

So yay. Time to beat this mutha!

P.S. Sorry Tim. I’ll get to Xenogears eventually ;D

World of Warcraft

Well, I finally got sucked in to playing WoW. Not by choice though.

It all started on Victor’s birthday party. Jhonjhon (old high school friend) came over and he’s an avid wow player, but on a different server than most of my RL friends play on. Jhon’s been bugging me to play WoW for a while, so I said, “Fine, I’ll play if you switch servers.” 15 minutes later, he showed me that he transferred his 3x Level 80 characters.

WTF!!! So yeah. now I’m playing WoW. I’ve actually been playing for weeks now, and I used to be on Evercrack back in 2001, but after quitting in 2003 and now getting back on it just now, I find that my time management skills are much better and I don’t have to play 18 hours a day. Heck, I probably just play a few hours a week.

Good thing that WoW can be fun playing in small time intervals.