I’ve been busy so I haven’t had too much time to exercise. At least I’m staying in the “Normal” BMI area, even though I been pigging out sometimes.

When I work out, here’s what I try to do now:

  • Warm up with some Yoga (Half-moon, Sun Salutation, Tree, nothing too difficult)
  • Push-ups (10 reps) x2
  • Jackknife Challenge (100 reps)
  • Free Run (20 minute)

Since I haven’t really updated in a while… I beat the trainer doing the Jackknife Challenge and could do 100reps pretty consistently. After I stopped working out every day though, I can only do about 60 reps now before giving up. Kind of sad. I need to work back up to it. It’s my back and neck that’s mostly giving me trouble.

My new hobby during free run is to set “checkpoints” for myself every minute. I got 4 stars in the 10 minute free run by running .250 miles per minute. That means .125 miles every 30 seconds, finishing at 2.5 miles in the end. I started by doing .2 miles per minute, then doing .21 miles per minute, then .22 miles per minute, then .23 miles per minute, etc. This makes it a lot more bearable to keep the TV on the free run, instead of running without any smaller goals in mind.

After getting comfortable with the 10 minute free run, I’m doing the 20 minute free run, but only doing .2 miles per minute. I can’t last 20 minutes doing .25 miles per minute, but I imagine that’s what it’ll take to get 4 stars, because so far, I’ve only gotten 3 stars. It’s a great workout and I plan to 4-star it one of these days.

On the sad side, I have never recreated my 20-rep push-up/side-plank moment. I guess that was a one-time deal. On the bright side, I am very comfortable doing the free run.

That’s all for now. I’ll update once I’ve crossed another milestone.

Back to Work

This month I’m back up to my number in weddings (about 40). I also have just about all my students back, and a few new ones too.

I always get a little stressed out when I get new students because it’s always something new and different. Β Every time I’ve had a new student, there’s always been a new challenge… tonguing problems, tone problems, air control problems… Sometimes I don’t have all the answers to all the problems, but I try my best to make them try different things. Β This has worked most of the time, but I guess in the end, if the student is a natural (and I have maybe one or two), they’ll be able to feel it themselves.

Anyway, I guess I got what I asked for. I acquired a bit of debt over my summer vacation, especially from going off-island twice. I’ve been asking to get busy again so I can roll in the dough to pay off my debt from the vacation, and on top of that, I still have to work on paying my student loans and car. When will it ever end! (nevarrr)