Trip Around The Island

So I went around the island with Rhea, Andrew, Rodrigo, and Austin. It was pretty fun and I didn’t go around in a really long time. We stopped about 3 places for sight seeing.

It’s a shame to see so little upkeep of Guam’s sites. Even Saipan’s sites are more beautiful to see than our insect-ridden, graffitied, piss-smelling sites. Anyway, that’s what little Island Pride I have in me coming out, but seriously, wtf.

Anyway it was fun mostly cuz I didn’t have to drive :D Andrew drove the whole time. Scared the crap out of us for the most part because he tends to swerve off his lane once in a while. But I came back in one piece. Yayz.

Okay nothing new to report. Bai.

Guam College Books

Just finished Guam College Books site (thanks team DRT wuwu)! I’m still making a lot of changes but overall it’s functional and it’s been so much fun getting this thing off the ground. Here’s the URL:

I also finished up the DRT website… at least a placeholder. You can check it out here:

I’m going to play around with WordPress a lot more. It seems to be a really CMS. Plus I’m using it to create Senator B.J. Cruz’s website so I need all the help I can get to get this thing to work lulz :P

Working Out

So I bought Wii Fit on June 30, 2009 and have been using it pretty much every day except when I went to Japan on July 18. So far I’ve lost about 5 pounds (bringing my BMI down to a Normal 24.85 from Overweight 25.2) and I feel really good.

I’ve also increased my Reps in a lot of the STR exercises and I feel my body getting a lot stronger. Just a couple days ago, I completed my very first 20 rep push-up/side-plank. My form was probably pretty bad. I plan to bring my reps down on most of the exercises to start working on my form.

Here’s my workout order now:

– Body Test
– Yoga: Half moon, Tree, Sun Salutation, Dance
– Aerobics: Island Lap
– Str Exercises: Single-leg Extension (20), Push-up (20), Jackknife (30), Lunges (15), Plank (30)
– Aerobics: Island Lap

I can do a 90sec Plank but my form really sucks. I can’t do a 20 rep push-up anymore, so after about 14 or 15, I drop my knees. Anyway, I’m gonna post as I lose more weight. Wii Fit yay!

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